Does CBD Treatment Work for Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin disease that can occur in people of different ages. It is thought that one of the factors that ....

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Can CBD Really Treat Cancer?

The use of cannabidiol, in the form of CBD extract or oil, has attracted considerable attention in recent years thanks to its potential curative properties, especially for the control of complexities and symptoms in....

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All You Need To Know About Cooking With CBD

CBD oil can be added to pretty much any recipe. Some people swear by CBD edibles as they help to mask the t....

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Cannabis-Based Medicines Approved For The NHS

A medicine used to treat epilepsy and another for multiple sclerosis, have been accepted for use by the British National Health Service. The decision was made after new guidelines were released by Read more

Benefits of a CBD Oil Business

CBD oil is a hot commodity in the market. In fact, CBD brands do make a lot of money from selling this oil. Market experts say that this industry makes around $17 billion yearly, an....

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The Uses & Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Despite the health benefits associated with cannabis-derived products such as CBD Oil, this supplement has faced a lot of criticism in the past years. The good news is, the FDA reco....

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